New Release: Countriest Thing by Christopher Foust

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New Release: Countriest Thing by Christopher Foust

Listen to the latest release from Nashville based country and southern rock singer-guitarist Christopher Foust, ‘Countriest Thing’.

About ‘Countriest Thing’

Nashville’s celebrated country artist and guitarist, Christopher Foust, is gearing up to mesmerize his fans with his forthcoming single, ‘Countriest Thing.’ Hot on the heels of the acclaim garnered by ‘American Made,’ a track featured in the movie ‘American Outlaws,’ Foust’s latest offering promises to create a buzz in the country music world. The release date is set for February 2, 2024, with 1840 Music and Glen Rock Records backing the launch.

Co-written with Austin Jenckes, ‘Countriest Thing’ unfolds a heartfelt story inspired by Foust’s grandfather, lovingly referred to as “Country.” The narrative explores themes of triumph over adversity, escaping the clutches of abuse and poverty through sheer determination, resilience, and unwavering optimism. Foust showcases his versatility by playing every instrument on the track, marrying classic southern rock with contemporary country in a harmonious fusion.

The track stands out with its Lynyrd Skynyrd-inspired guitar solo, classic Rhodes vibes akin to the Allman Brothers, and a vocal style that finds its place between the iconic George Strait and the deeply soulful Chris Stapleton. ‘Countriest Thing’ demonstrates Foust’s knack for genre fusion, offering a distinctive auditory experience that appeals to a broad spectrum of music enthusiasts.

Brought to you by 1840 Music and Glen Rock Records, ‘Countriest Thing’ is a tribute to the enduring spirit and resilience inherent in the human condition. The opening verse and chorus paint a vivid picture of the inspiring story:

A little boy took a bus down,

From a mountain town in East Tennessee.

Walked himself to an orphanage door

In the fall of ’43.

Looked like he was made of dirt,

no shirt and no shoes hanging by a thread.

A teacher looked him in the eye

And right then she said,

Well if you ain’t the countriest thing that I’ve ever seen,

Like a whippoorwill way up in the southern sky.

Nobody knows what you’ll amount to be,

the countriest thing that these eyes, have ever seen.

Starting January 21, radio audiences will have the chance to preview ‘Countriest Thing,’ setting the scene for its grand unveiling on February 2, 2024. Christopher Foust’s fusion of compelling narratives with soul-stirring melodies is poised to cement ‘Countriest Thing’ as an enduring gem in the realm of country music.

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