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Foust Town Productions

Foust Town Productions

Foust Town Productions is a boutique production company and recording studio specializing in songwriter demos, mixing and mastering services, podcasting, and music for TV, film, and synch.

What We Do

Foust Town Productions is first and foremost a Nashville based recording studio who provides audio production. We can operate as a tracking location, provide traditional production services, or provide custom material for arrangements for TV, film, and more.

Songwriter Demos

In todays crowded market, a great sounding worktape or fully-tracked demo is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Our producers can take your chart or worktape and make it radio ready, really putting an extra shine on your song and letting it stand out during the pitching process.

Music for Synch

Custom written and produced music can let film shine and connect more effectively with the audience. Foust Town productions has extensive experience writing and producing music for TV and film, as well as releasing the music to provide additional value for the film project and it’s producers.

Master Recording

Pre-production, tracking, mixing, and mastering for your release can be done effectively without sacrificing quality. Our team can work on your master recording, at any step of the process, and give you music that represents who are artistically, as well as meet modern standards of audio quality.

Mixing & Mastering

If you’re project has already been tracked, Foust Town Productions offers both mixing and mastering services. This includes adding any needed additional instrumentation, adding back ground vocals, comping, vocal editing, and mastering for releases.


Some TV and film projects don’t require traditional songs, but more custom arranged instrumental pieces to drive mood and ambience. Our producers will review your brief and develop uniquely arranged compositions to add depth and experience to your project.

Editing & Tuning

Some audio projects sound great, but may need minor tweaks before it’s released to the public. If your project has been properly tracked and recorded, our engineers can edit, comp, fix timing issues, and tune vocals to tighten up the overall sound of the recording.

Producer Services

Sometimes a fresh perspective and experienced set of ears can bring new life to an artist and their project. Our producers can provide pre-production, arranging, song selection assistance, tracking, and full project over site to extract the absolute best out of your performance and capture it accurately.

Podcast Themes

As the podcast medium grows, so does the need for royalty-free theme songs for those podcasts. We can produce a fully customized podcast theme song that accurately represents your show, but is also yours free and clear with you owning 100% of the rights.

Our Work

Foust Town Productions works directly with artists or labels to produce master recordings, with songwriters to develop demos for pitch, and music supervisors to create unique and customized songs or arrangements specifically for their works.

Christopher Foust

Country – Southern Rock – Soul

Majestic Swayzee

Pop – Pop Rock – Dance

Ohio Valley Panic

Dark Pop – Industrial

Work With Foust Town Productions

If you’re curious about working with Foust Town Productions, please use the form below. We will follow up to schedule a brief 30 minute consultation to review the project, deliverables, and timeline.