The Team

The Team

Chris Foust - About 1840 Music Group

Christopher Foust – Founder

Christopher Foust is the founder of 1840 Music Group and has a very unique background, making his approach in music ideal for working with artists and songwriters. He is a classically trained vocalist, has performed on 30+ records, and has over 120 cuts in rock, pop, and country. Christopher also is an accomplished marketing executive working with international healthcare organizations, independent record labels and distributors, as well as successfully exiting two marketing agencies.

Chris understands the point of view of the artist, the importance of marketing music, and how connecting dots for all the parties involved can be a game changer.

Todd Schlosser- About 1840 Music Group

Todd Schlosser – Content Specialist

Todd Schlosser is a unicorn, in the fact that he is an incredibly talented drummer, a successful songwriter, and a highly accomplished content creator. As the co-host and producer of multiple top 10 film podcast, he understands how branding and a diversified content strategy can supercharge customer engagement and build long-term relationships with fans. Todd has experience recording in touring in rock, appearing on multiple EPs, LPs, and singles.

Todd has a deep understanding of video, audio, podcasting, and design and how it can greatly impact the revenue-stream of an artist.