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Knuckle Drag Publishing

Knuckle Drag Music Publishing represents songwriters and their catalogues in all genres: rock, pop, country, dance, blues, and r&b. We also provide management services for songwriters to expand their networks, get better co-writes, and produce better demos.

What We Do

Knuckle Drag Music Publishing represents writers and their publishing catalogues, providing opportunities for networking, co-writing, demoing, and pitching songs for artists.

Rights Management

As songwriters and artists, it’s important to have your works registered and managed appropriately for pitching. Our team can manage your rights, split sheets, and act as your sole publisher.

Songwriter Demos

Songwriting has become incredibly competitive, and one of the most effective ways to stand out is by having a great sounding, master-ready, demo. Our production team can provide everything from high-quality, single instrument work-tapes to fully produced, multi-instrument, master ready songwriter demos.


Writing a great song is where it all starts. Having a great demo is step two. The most important piece of the songwriting puzzle is getting that song cut by an artist. Through our network of artists, labels, and contacts we can pitch your songs in the hopes of getting it cut.


The only thing better than one great songwriter is multiple great songwriters. Our team can help grow your songwriting career and get you in better rooms to write better songs. Regardless of the genre, Knuckle Drag Music Publishing can connect you with great co-writes.

Our Artists

Glen Rock Records is an independent record label and distributor in every sense of the word. We work to empower artists, develop their sound, provide brand development, marketing, social media optimization, registration and administrative assistance, song selection, tour booking, and so much more!

Christopher Foust

Country, Rock, Pop, Film

Todd Schlosser- About 1840 Music Group

Todd Schlosser

Country, Rock, Pop

Knuckle Drag Publishing Cuts

Below is a Spotify playlist for select cuts where rights are either fully managed or partially managed by Knuckle Drag Music Publishing. These songs constitutes material written or co-written by Knuckle Drag Music Publishing songwriters and/or produced or partially produced by Foust Town Productions.