1840 Music Group - Nashville Based Music Company

1840 Music Group

1840 Music Group is a Nashville Based Music Company working in three different areas: record label services, music production, and music publishing. Each of these areas are subsequently managed by Glen Rock Records, Foust Town Productions, and Knuckle Drag Music Publishing. Our team is focused on working with unique artists and songwriters to create the best songs, produce records of the highest quality, and maximize exposure for our artists.

Glen Rock Records from 1840 Music Group

Glen Rock Records

Glen Rock Records is an independent boutique record label specializing in the marketing and promotion of artists, their masters, and their image. With a specialization, and subsequently an emphasis on marketing, Glen Rock Records prides itself on creating content that is engaging and can turn casual listeners into long-term fans.

Knuckle Drag Music Publishing from 1840 Music Group

Knuckle Drag Publishing

Knuckle Drag Music Publishing represents songwriters and their catalogues in all genres: rock, pop, country, dance, blues, and r&b. We also provide management services for songwriters to expand their networks, get better co-writes, and produce better demos.

FoustTown Productions by 1840 Music Group

Foust Town Productions

Foust Town Productions is a boutique production company and recording studio specializing in songwriter demos, mixing and mastering services, podcasting, and music for TV, film, and synch.